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Changes Every Business Needs To Make

Last week we discussed the dangers of our natural tendency to resist change.

I implored you to challenge your innate creature of habit – and adopt change; positive, strategic change.

A fantastic place to start – especially in January – is by adopting my SLSM model for first-round change.

So without further ado, here are the four rules of the SLSM Model .

Rule #1 – Stop Doing It.  The first rule asks you to stop doing anything that is harming your business.  These harmful things will be different for every business – but every business owner I have ever met says “I really should stop doing this”.  But they don’t!  They make all manner of excuses, but these are just that; excuses. So what’s stopping you (no pun intended)?  Fortune favours the brave…

What might this be?  Common items include over-stocking, ineffective advertising, (tolerating) poor performing staff, wasteful or vanity expenditure, ineffective time management, offering (too much) credit to new customers and allowing debtors too much leniency and marketing to the wrong type of people.

Rule #2 – Do Less Of It.  The second rule focuses on the ‘necessary basics’ that don’t add value to a business but do need to be done.  Often these items can either be reduced in scope or delegated to a third party, be that a staff member or a third party provider.  Often these items are ‘good excuses’ for not doing the difficult but valuable activities: “ I would follow up those sales prospects but I have to clean up by inbox first”.

What might this be?  Common items include too much administration (delegate it), too regular e-mailing (it’s not adding much value, is it?), social media lingering (I don’t want to hear your excuses!), fixing IT problems (outsource it) and doing accounting (outsource it!).

 Rule #3 – Start Doing It.  The third rule asks you to start doing something positive and creative for your business.  All too often I hear people saying ‘I should really be doing this’ or ‘I know I should be doing this’.  But there’s always a reason not to do it. Well, the simple truth is, nothing will change until you change it….

What might this be?  Common items include improved training and mentoring (or discipline) for staff members, sorting out the website, launching a new product or service, developing the sales process, outsourcing or delegating specific activities and attending a training course.

Rule #4 – Do More Of It.  The fourth and final rule encourages you to do more of the good stuff.  I’ve talked about the Pareto Principle before: that 20% of our activities will result in 80% of our results. That means that only one out of five days per week is actually productive.  With this in mind, if you simply doubled this to two days per week of productive activities, you’ll be twice as effective. Not rocket science, is it?

What might this be?  Common items include focusing on a particular customer group or product line, learning and mastering a new skill or practice, a specific marketing activity (often new marketing), allowing a staff member more freedom, acquiring better or new staff, public speaking activities and turning off your e-mails for at least a little bit!

So there you have it. But…

Sometimes, It Isn’t That Easy.

I know it isn’t. But I’m here to help. So if you have any issues knowing where to start or how to implement these changes, please explain the situation.

I will then bring these together and create an article giving you practical ways to implement the change you really need – but it to stop, start, reduce or increase an activity.

So now you really don’t have any excuses to create your habits of a lifetime!

Good luck.

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