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VAT And Bookkeeping

Let us take away the time-consuming hassle, stress and worry of bookkeeping and VAT returns, and free yourself up to run your business!

Our standard VAT and Bookkeeping package includes the following services:

  • You simply send us all of your financial records (invoices, statements etc) each week, month or quarter
  • We keep the books and reconcile the bank account, guaranteeing 100% accuracy
  • If necessary, we make your VAT returns and do your payroll
  • We then send you a two-page of graphs reporting all the key facts e.g. your sales and purchases, and exact profit, to the nearest penny
  • We can also e.g. chase overdue invoices; provide a regular list of supplier accounts due; provide year-to-date summaries of turnover, profits, sales/ expenditure and tax due; provide Key Actions Reports with invaluable suggestions from our experts, hold regular telephone/ meeting consultations focused on helping you to overcome problems or exploit opportunities.


Why Delegate It?

As the pace of business life seems to ever increase, many business owners simply don’t have the time or energy to keep accurate financial records. With 101 other things to think about, often ‘doing the books’ falls to the bottom of the seemingly endless ‘to do’ list. And then, at the worst possible time, there’s a huge panic because the dreaded VAT Return is due for filing tomorrow…

That’s why we provide a bookkeeping package – to help relive you of these pressures. The service, in essence, is very simple: you send us (or we’ll send a courier to collect) your financial records every quarter, month or week. And we do the rest…

By doing the rest, we mean that we’ll book on all your sales and purchase ledgers and reconcile your bank account.  We’ll file your VAT returns and complete your payroll (including payroll year end) if you have staff.

We can also do a bit more for you if you need us to – like chasing overdue invoices (credit control) or we can provide a weekly or monthly list of supplier payments due. We can even make the payments (including wages) for you if you need us to.

So basically we do all the boring financial paper work…. and meanwhile, this frees you up to do what you do best: running your business!

What’s more, we don’t just do the books and ensure you’re compliant with all the relevant financial regulations.

No, once we’ve done the accounts we’ll send you a two-page graph-format financial report that summaries what money’s come in and gone out, and the exact profit made.

So you know exactly, to the nearest penny, how well your business is doing. You’re in TOTAL control.

And being in total control is vital in today’s business world. Two of the biggest problems facing businesses today is either a lack of sales or overspending, or both combined.

These issues, with the right advice and help, can be very easily overcome in the vast majority of cases. But there’s no major problem – the business owner didn’t know about the lack of sales or increase in costs until the year end, after 12-months of under-selling and/or over-spending.

Ask yourself this – would you rather have known after one month or twelve months? What outcome would be best for your business: knowing about it and doing something about it after one month, or letting it build up for 12-months, making it much more difficult to fix?


Some Very Useful Extras…

To go along with this report, we can also hold a consultation (via telephone or meeting) to discuss the accounts, so that we can help you as much as we possibly can to overcome problems and exploit opportunities.

For a lot of our clients, we also produce our Switch Key Actions Report – a one-page document written in plain English which provides a quick summary of how the business is doing and a traffic light menu of our 100% bespoke suggestions for your business.

Some of our clients tell us that these reports and consultations have turned their business around and have been one of the best business decisions they have ever made…

We also often provide a summary of the year to date in terms of turnover, profitability and the tax liability so far (plus other important things). That means that there’s no horrible surprises at the end of the year – you know exactly how much tax is due, on a month-by-month basis. If you’re a large amount, this is especially important as is allows us to perform some advanced tax planning which could reduce your tax bill considerably.

Do you want to be in total control of your business? Would you like to know your exact sales each month? Would you like to know when overspending starts, not when it gets out of control? Do you want to get rid of all the worries of having to do your own payroll, bookkeeping and VAT returns?

If you do, please contact us for an informal consultation in which we can listen to you and design a package to best suit your needs, at a very cost-effective rate.


The Benefits Of Delegation

  • You’ll have more time to focus on running your business
  • Reduce your stress levels, as you’re not having to worry about VAT, payroll or bookkeeping
  • Powerful real-time knowledge, perhaps for the first time, of exactly how your business is performing
  • Spot problems of low sales or high costs early, meaning you can nip them in the bud
  • Save hundreds of pounds on expensive and complicated accounts and payroll software
  • A clear, simple report of financial activity, meaning financial information is readily available when you need it.
  • If you’re making high profits, have the opportunity to take advantage of advanced tax planning strategies ‘in year’ not after year, which could result in considerable tax savings
  • A better business. Why? Because when you free yourself up from the time-consuming stresses and strains of bookkeeping, payroll etc, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve now that you can focus on what you do best, 100% of the time: running your business.

So speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements and we can provide a fixed fee quote for taking care of your VAT and Bookkeeping needs.


How To Find Out More

If you would like to discuss anything you have read on this page or if you would like to discuss how we can help you and your business, then please get in touch.

You can do this by completing the form below (scroll down to the end of the page and look on the right hand side), calling us during office hours on 0845 658 6949 or sending an e-mail to switch@switchaccountants.co.uk

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