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Advanced Tax Planning

We’ll cut to the chase – we know that one of the key reasons that people use an accountant is to reduce their tax bill.

For this reason, we take tax planning very seriously and we will work with you to minimise your tax bill. We know how hard you work to make good profits – and naturally you don’t really like giving it away to the taxman!

We work within the ever-changing taxation framework to ensure that your tax liability is as small as it legally can be.

And if you are a high earner (pre tax profits of at least £100,000 per year), then there is sufficient scope for us to apply some very advanced tax planning schemes which can include offshore activities, different types of trusts and group and inter-trading structures.

Now, most accountants will tell you that they will reduce your tax bill and engage in tax planning. However, ask yourself how much tax is your existing accountant really saving you? How advanced is your tax planning? It is just all of the basic tax saving activities – or is your accountant engaging in more advanced tax planning?

We know, it’s hard to tell – how would you know if your accountant is missing tax saving opportunities? How would you know if you are paying hundreds or thousands of pounds in unnecessary taxes?

Of course, if you don’t even have a current tax plan, the chances are you’re not optimising your tax planning!

But let us help you. If you’d like to know just how much tax you could be saving, contact one of the team to see how much you may be able to save; in which we’ll review your existing tax plan and how effective this is. If we think there are ways we can reduce your tax bill, we’ll show you exactly how.


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