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A New Year?

To borrow from John Lennon, it’s another year over; and a new one just begun.

Or is it?

I say this because for most businesses, 2015 will be very similar to 2014. And 2013. And 2012. And as far back as anybody can remember.

Why? Because within most businesses, nothing much is going to change in 2015, as the single biggest change happening within the business from December to January is a new calendar on the wall.

And simple logic dictates that if we do the same thing, we’ll get the same result. Cause and effect: you do a certain thing in the business and it gives you a certain outcome.

So it follows that if you lead and manage your business in much the same way in 2015 as you did in 2014, nothing much will change.

Because you’re doing the same stuff, which will give you the same outcomes.

You might well ask ‘well what’s wrong with that?’

Nothing, if your business is perfect in every single way. But if it isn’t, this represents a major problem:

You need change, in order to create an improved business, yet you haven’t implemented any change.

So for you, it isn’t a new year. It’s exactly the same year, with a new calendar on the wall.

This logic is undeniable: only change causes change.

Yet as we have learnt, for most businesses nothing ever changes. This is generally owing to a simple yet detrimental relic of our evolutionary past:

We are resistant to change. We are creatures of habit. The warm comfort of old habits outweighs the fear of change.

This is great for cavemen (if you once put your hand in a fire, and it hurt, don’t do it again) but harmful to businesses as it results in a huge resistance to change.

Without change, the only hope for improvement is hope itself. Hoping that things will improve if we just do as we did last year. “Surely our luck will change…”

Wishing that by sheer good fortune the business will improve, without doing anything to stimulate this.

You might find that an acceptable strategy. I don’t. Like Albert Einstein, I find this a sign of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I urge you not to fall into this pattern of behaviour; changing nothing and hoping for better. It just isn’t going to happen. You will get the same results as you always did.

In order to make 2015 a better year, you need to implement change. And not just change itself; not change for the sake of change; and not change by undoing everything that works.

The solution is actually well-thought-out, considered strategic change throughout the year. Do not fear this. Break your habit…

Embrace the idea of change. Accept that only change results in change. Understand that without change, your business will forever be the same.

And know that you are not alone. This is not a one-way ticket on a painful and lonely journey.

Over the next year, we will give you practical strategies for change that will improve your business every week.

Starting next week, when I will share with you my SLSM model for instant positive change.

See you then…

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